John Barham • (+61) 0426 973 424 • Maidstone, VIC

▪ Cloud Application Architect & Senior Software Engineer ▪

Experienced in a wide variety of industries—investment management, digital post production, network test and simulation, startups and government—and technology platforms, from embedded and desktop applications up to cloud computing environments. Able to assess software needs and architect and develop state-of-the-art solutions, to meet business goals within budget and time constraints. Dual Canadian and Australian citizen.

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology strategy
  • Development team leadership
  • Hiring, technical skills assessment
  • Project management
  • System architecture
  • High performance computing
  • Distributed systems
  • Web applications
  • SQL databases
  • Internet of Things
  • Agile development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Legacy application migration
  • Cloud computing platforms
  • Embedded systems

Professional Experience

Stan, Melbourne, VIC March 2022 - Present
Go Developer

Stan is an Australian streaming service, with over two million subscribers.

Technologies: Go, PostgreSQL, AWS

Versent, Melbourne, VIC October 2021 - March 2022
Lead Engineer

Versent is an Australian technology consultancy.

Technologies: TypeScript, Python, AWS

Seer Medical, Melbourne, VIC October 2020 - October 2021
Python Developer

Seer Medical is a startup developing home-based epilepsy diagnostic technology using machine learning algorithms and in-house designed and manufactured hardware.

Technologies: Python, Linux, Docker, AWS

Wombat Software, Melbourne, VIC 2012 - 2020

Contracting (selected companies):
  • NBN: enhanced GIS systems to improve throughput, stability and performance
  • Bureau of Meteorology: designed and developed an internal data feed management service for the flood forecasting group
  • Medibank Health Solutions: worked with the online services team on MHS web properties such as 1800RESPECT
I developed and run the following SaaS products:

Technologies: Django, Python, Go, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Linux, Docker, IoT, Heroku, AWS

Citrus, South Melbourne, VIC 2011 - 2012
Development Technical Lead

Citrus was a digital agency. As the development team technical lead I did the following:

  • led Citrus’ front- and back-end development teams in the design, programming and deployment of high-profile Australian web and ecommerce sites, including: VRC Melbourne Cup, Sportsgirl, Cotton On
  • assisted management to pitch and scope out the technical requirements for new clients
  • deployed the Melbourne Cup website on AWS for the Melbourne Cup Carnival
  • developed and published an iPhone app to the Apple App Store

Technologies: iPhone (PhoneGap), Django, Python, MySQL, Linux, AWS

PIMCO, Newport Beach, CA, USA 2009 - 2010
Senior Software Engineer

PIMCO is one of the world’s largest investment management firms, with $2 trillion in assets under management. While at PIMCO I accomplished the following:

  • designed and developed a distributed grid computation system coordinating hundreds of nodes which was used in production around the clock by PIMCO’s MBS trading desk and advisory and analytics groups
  • developed web applications for internal trading desks, converted and optimized reference quantitative models to value MBS assets for use in production
  • Partitioned very large (> 2 billion row) Sybase data sets into SQLite sub-databases

Technologies: Django, Python, NumPy, C++, Sybase, SQLite, Linux

Ixia, Calabasas, CA, USA 2007 - 2009
Senior Software Engineer

Ixia (now Keysight) develops custom hardware and software to run and measure very large scale network simulations. As a developer for IxLoad, Ixia’s flagship layer 4 - 7 IP traffic test application, my achievements included:

  • being heavily involved in the full development life cycle—feature development, stabilization and service-pack/hotfix releases—of multiple versions of IxLoad which set new industry benchmarks for scalability and real-world protocol support, enabling key wins over the competition
  • implementing several substantial performance improvements to better handle the requirements of key high-revenue Ixia customers
  • becoming owner of the highly concurrent test controller state machine logic that sets up the test on the Ixia chassis and directs it during the test run

Technologies: Python, C++, C#/.NET, Tcl, embedded Linux

Lowry Digital Images, Burbank, CA, USA 2004 - 2007
Software Engineer

Lowry Digital Images was a groundbreaking digital film restoration company that restored dozens of classic Hollywood movies for release to DVD and other digital platforms. LDI restored most of the classic Disney back catalog and the Indiana Jones, James Bond and Star Wars series. While at LDI I did the following:

  • Designed and developed a high-performance distributed cluster file system that stored millions of high-resolution image files taking up tens of terabytes. The file system was used in production for the restoration of Disney’s Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty movies.
  • Developed a web application used 24/7 to assign and track shot touch up jobs for a 60+ group of graphic artists. It facilitated the growth of the department from 20 people while improving efficiency, reducing the error rate and enabling detailed real-time reporting of departmental activity.
  • Designed and developed a job queuing system for a 500+ node compute cluster. Features included priority-based dynamic queue adjustment, a web control and reporting interface and programmatic control via a REST API.

Technologies: Python, C++, Qt, Zope, PostgreSQL, Linux, PHP

Lane Street Labs, Burnaby, BC, Canada 2002 - 2003

Internet presence hosting and website and web application development

Octopus Wireless, Burnaby, BC, Canada 2000 - 2001
Technical Team Lead

  • System architect and project manager of a ten person team that implemented a sales order automation system that included PalmOS, web and WAP interfaces
  • Trained and mentored other team members in PalmOS, C++, Python and web programming


Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada